Optimize efficiency and boost productivity throughout your back-office operations with hyperautomation.

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An AI platform with business in mind

We know you and your needs. We have been helping enterprises since ever. 
That’s why our AI products are down to earth and made to work with success: just like you.

  • Botshelf 1

    Evergrowing collection of relevant BOTs

    Drop the noise: our BOTs focus on real, useful tasks. And get things done.

  • Botshelf 2

    No effort needed, ready to use AIs

    Let us be your “dedicated AI team”: reduce your time to market.

  • Botshelf 3

    Smarter management that follows your needs

    One API key to access all of our BOT library, as many API keys as you require.

  • Botshelf 4

    Budget savvy solutions to fit every pocket

    Our flexible pricing model allows you to choose how and how much to invest in AI.

BOTs for all your needs

From text recognition to fraud detection, our multilingual BOTs cover every automation need your business should ever benefit from. With consistent performances, for real case scenarios.

  • Needs 1

    True accuracy

    We train our BOTs with real, not optimized data from an extensive set of different sources. It’s not theoretical: it’s factual.

  • Needs 2

    Faster, smarter results

    Solve repetitive micro and macro tasks in no time, no sweat. With a seamless integration into all the major RPA software.

  • Needs 3

    Steady and scalable

    Our platform is designed to give you the same positive outcome even with heavier workloads. Up to 1000 concurrent API calls.

A success business case in the automotive industry

A leading global automaker and mobility provider needed to simplify and expedite the customer onboarding process and improve its quality. The challenge was to check and extract data from around 10 various document types. We successfully met our client’s needs by leveraging different categories BOTs: Identification, Biometrics and Documents.

  • Readytouse

    70% of the process automated

    Free agents to focus on higher-value activities.

  • Data Center

    84% time earned

    Saved time and resources. 

  • Secure

    96% corrected data

    Quick and accurate verification, reducing the risk of errors, fraud or omissions.

Are you ready to hyperautomate your business?