Customer intimacy
at scale

Get closer to your customers wherever they are.

Blending human and artificial intelligence we bring Customer Experience to the next level.

We are a Customer Experience Company, a trusted partner for global brands aiming to enhance their CX across all channels and scale their business. With a human-centered approach and an array of integrated services, we orchestrate creativity, data, technology, and processes to foster meaningful relationships between brands and their customers, on a large scale.

We adopt a hybrid approach that combines human capabilities with the most advanced technologies to create value from every customer interaction.

Our services

  • We build multichannel customer-centric strategies that improve our clients' profitability and capacity to develop new service models.

  • We offer a comprehensive range of design services, encompassing creation and brand positioning, business design, and design execution.

  • With over 6,000 highly trained customer agents covering more than 15 languages, and a network of contact centres inshore and nearshore, we offer large enterprises industry-leading customer operations performance by blending human and artificial intelligence.

  • With over 250 software engineers, technology architects, RPA and AI experts, we design, develop and manage digital solutions and IT infrastructures. We use a wide range of development languages, frameworks, RPA platforms and AI solutions to provide meaningful customer interactions.

  • We blend human and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By embracing the game-changing Large Language Model (LLM) we enhance all conversations and interactions between brands, customers, and employees.

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  • Professionals

    With 6000+ talented professionals, we offer expert services that drive client success.

  • Countries - EMEA coverage

    In 12 European countries, we deliver customised solutions for outstanding results.

  • Offices

    26 Offices to support end-to-end customer experience and CRM transformation.

  • Annual growth

    Together with our customers and professionals, we are growing.


Advanced proprietary solutions to boost productivity

  • Chatterbox

    Our simple, scalable, and AI-supported cross-channel platform.

  • TalkActive

    Our conversational IVR platform automates voice calls providing human-like conversational experiences.

  • Botshelf

    All the GenAI-BOTs you need to hyperautomate your business.

  • Dragoman

    Dragoman is a language detector and orchestrator tool that delivers real-time custom translations, powered by GenAI.

  • Nominow

    A Customer Data platform, the last link in your carefully constructed marketing, sales and service technology stack.

  • Yammu

    Our workforce management tool increases the productivity and efficiency of your contact centres.

  • GenerativeAI solutions

    Future-proof your customer service with our cutting-edge Generative AI-based solutions. 


Want to collaborate?

Together, we'll craft a robust strategy to elevate the entire customer experience, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty and, ultimately, driving business growth.