• Will Artificial Intelligence boost productivity?

    Insights from Carlo Cottarelli and Industry Leaders at Assist Digital's event in Milan, May 15, 2024.

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  • People's Voice 2023

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  • Celebrating 20 years of Innovation

    A toast to the journey we've travelled together and to all that lies ahead: here's to new adventures and an even more exciting future.

  • The world's first automotive Metaverse Store: a human-driven digital customer experience

    Stellantis Metaverse-Store is the world’s first shop in the automotive sector that combines augmented reality with sales, offering a unique and user-friendly experience for...

  • The new Digital Hub of Snam to enable collaboration through digital touchpoints.

    A new collaborative model between Business, IT, and development to enhance the management, efficiency, and results of the entire digital ecosystem.

  • Davide Brandini is our new Head of Telco & Media Market Europe

    We bring the Next Generation of Customer Experience services to the European market

  • Attoma/Assist Digital strengthens its strategy and turns to the industrial sector with the arrival of Andréa Donadel as Managing Director

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