A realt time, customizable machine translation platform.

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A machine translation platform, language detector and orchestrator

Dragoman delivers real-time, custom translations, empowered by an advanced AI model. It ensures top-notch quality, considering essential factors such as tone of voice, brand communication style, and domain-specific vocabulary.

Key features

  • DM Best In Class

    Best in class translations

    Dragoman exploits multiple best-in-class translation providers. The best-in-class is chosen per language pair.

  • DM Custom AI Model

    GenAI models

    Dragoman is a fully personalized translation service, based on brand-specific requirements: tone of voice, communication style, and an industry domain dictionary (the context).

  • DM Efficency & Productivity

    Efficiency and productivity

    Dragoman manages multiple translation sessions per single user, enabling work on communications and tasks in parallel.

  • DM Flexibility

    Flexible deployment

    Dragoman is available as a ready-to-use web application; or as a translation engine only that integrates with your platforms in order to optimise agent user experience.

  • DM Data Protection

    Data protection

    Dragoman protects your customer data, thanks to internal policies and compliant vendor selection.


  • High-quality translations resulting in above-average CSAT scores.
  • Hiring rampes smoothed allowing the agent to manage multi-lingual agent capabilities reducing seasonal fluctuations in staffing requirements.

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