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Deliver automation without forsaking customer experience

Although AI technologies have advanced over the years, comprehension of conversation is still complex. With this in mind, TalkActive was launched. A hybrid solution that enables the automation of voice calls whilst ensuring a "human like" conversational experience.


    TalkActive understands everything: even colloquial expressions, nuances and complex alphanumeric codes


    The solution leverages the best AI technologies combined with real time human support


    TalkActive allows you to create conversational experiences comparable to live human assistance

An open platform that adapts to business needs

Developed to use the best AI technologies already within your company, TalkActive has a microservice architecture designed to exploit the potential of the cloud. The platform is available on AWS, Google Cloud Platform and MS Azure environments and can be integrated into existing business systems, with the most popular AI engines and IVR applications.

  • SAFE

    The platform ensures secure and GDPR compliant management of all data processed

  • OPEN

    TalkActive uses providers such as Google, Microsoft, IBM or Nuance for speech synthesis, text to speech, speech to text and natural language understanding


    TalkActive supports all European and Middle Eastern languages

The numbers speak for themselves.

TalkActive enables the automation of almost all of your incoming voice calls, resulting in significant cost savings. It delivers a superior Customer Experience compared to standalone automation technologies and has a short time to market.

  • Talk Active 4 Months (1)

    4 MONTHS

    We guarantee a time to market of 4 months for the Go-live of the service

  • Talk Active Call Deflections


    TalkActive achieves a call deflection rate of 80% of calls handled by customer service

  • Talk Active Accuracy

    95% ACCURACY

    The solution provides up to 95% accuracy of Intent capture, equal to a human agent.

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