The new Digital Hub of Snam to enable collaboration through digital touchpoints.

A new collaborative model between Business, IT, and development to enhance the management, efficiency, and results of the entire digital ecosystem.

Snam has long been at the forefront of efficiency and sustainability issues. The company reflects this commitment in its business processes and interaction with supply chain partners, increasingly oriented towards digital touchpoints. To align with business needs, Snam has decided to create a dedicated hub for the evolution of its digital positioning, particularly focusing on the company's portals and apps.

A new Digital Hub for Digital Products

The partnership between Snam and Assist Digital aims to create a Digital Hub, organized based on the principles of User-Centered Design, with a dedicated layer of DesignOps for orchestrating processes, practices, and resources involved. That allows the formation of a unified, cross-functional, and self-organized team that focuses on what truly matters to the users, aiming to create genuine Digital Products aligned with business requirements.

Collaboration plays a key-role in this scenario, breaking down cross-departmental divergences and creating a unified team to achieve results together, reinforced by standardized development processes and engagement modalities such as co-design workshops.

To ensure execution speed, the software development model has been rethought, taking inspiration from the Agile methodology. This approach, coupled with a Product development layer, proves to be a winning factor. Continuous release cycles are based on daily collaboration between the business and technical components.

New technologies and a data-driven approach to enable continuous improvement

Another novel element concerns the approach to implementing Snam's Digital Products, revolving around two main principles: the use of new technologies and a data-driven approach.
On one hand, technological choices align with market best practices to ensure quality and performance in building Digital Products.

On the other hand, a data-driven approach enables continuous improvement. Monitoring CX-related KPIs, for instance, provides insights into the most frequently used user paths and identifies potential obstacles encountered while using a digital product. Rationalizing these insights allows for continuous evolution.

The creation of a Digital Hub aims to fully satisfy the need to simplify and streamline the governance and maintenance of Snam's entire digital ecosystem, providing opportunities for development and implementation for each digital property.