CX Advanced AI solutions

Advanced AI solutions to increase operational efficiency and elevate customer services.

For over 20 years, we have been an AI centre of excellence dedicated to keeping up the technological advancements to elevate customer experience providing hybrid services.

We blend human and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By embracing the game-changing Large Language Model (LLM), we enhance all conversations and interactions between brands, customers, and employees.

Generative conversational IVR and chatbots

Enhancing human like language conversations

Our end-to-end operations services include from generative chatbot and textbot design to generative vocal bot and hybrid or fully automated conversational IVR implementation. Through the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs), we make conversations and translation more effective, accurate, and personalised to meet customer expectations. Our solutions enhance the support of best-in-class platforms for multilingual and multichannel communication, empowering agents to provide exceptional service and, in the meanwhile, reducing costs, response time and improving customer satisfaction.

RPA & AI models

Automating back office activities

We supercharge the automation of processes by applying LLM technologies, enabling hyperautomation and increasing the quality of customer experience by 50%. We integrate Robotic Process Automation and AI-based solutions to enhance scalability by running tasks, analyzing and categorizing data, extracting valuable insights, and saving up to 70% of employees' or customer agents' time in back-office activities. We provide ready-to-use AI-based bots and ML/DL models that can be trained to automate back-office activities such as enrollment, onboarding, ticketing, call deflection, and more, ultimately improving the quality of the customer experience. Our team of AI experts ensures the reliability and accuracy of digital frameworks when performing complex tasks and processing information.

Generative Knowledge Management System

Increasing agents’ operational capacity

The generative Knowledge Management Systems help agents by providing quick access to integrated and reliable information, improving problem resolution capabilities, and facilitating to give consistent responses to customer queries. This saves time and enables agents to improve service capacity. Additionally, by acquiring a holistic understanding of the subject matter agents provide more accurate and promptly solutions, elevate selling and retention efficacy.

Large Language Model applications

Optimising internal processes, sales and marketing

We map out internal processes (such as back office, quality, RPA, content generation) that could be significantly impacted by AI/LLM, in terms of efficiency and quality, to identify AI-based applications, tools, and products to optimise sales and marketing activities of Operations, Martech and Design teams. We organise dedicated workshops for each identified macro process or potential area to share the possibilities of AI, and define relative actions and costs, always estimating the business case and defining KPIs and metrics for measuring impact and generated savings.

Advanced proprietary solutions

Our expertise in technology products enables us to develop and integrate bespoke digital infrastructures to provide meaningful customer experiences across all marketing channels, reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize workflows.

  • Chatterbox

    Our simple, scalable, and AI-supported cross-channel platform.

  • TalkActive

    Our conversational IVR platform automates voice calls providing human-like conversational experiences.

  • Dragoman

    Dragoman is a language detector and orchestrator tool that delivers real-time custom translations, powered by GenAI.

  • Nominow

    A Customer Data platform, the last link in your carefully constructed marketing, sales and service technology stack.

  • Botshelf

    All the GenAI-BOTs you need to hyperautomate your business.

  • Yammu

    Our workforce management tool increases the productivity and efficiency of your contact centres.

  • GenerativeAI solutions

    Future-proof your customer service with our cutting-edge Generative AI-based solutions. 

Other services

As an end-to-end service provider, we support our clients during every phase of the Customer Life Cycle, improving customer connections and elevating business performance.

  • CX Consulting

    We help large companies develop digital processes that transform marketing, sales, and service performance.

  • CX Design

    We offer a comprehensive range of design services, encompassing product and brand positioning, business design, and design execution.

  • CX Operations

    We provide scalable industry-leading performance in customer operations.

  • CX Technology

    We provide a wide range of digital, RPA and AI solutions, leveraging on best of breed technologies and enterprise platforms.

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