The intelligent workforce management tool is effective on many levels

Yammu creates a sustainably productive and future-oriented work environment that actively involves employees in the organization of their working hours and contributes to higher employee satisfaction and productivity through a high degree of transparency.


    In the administration area, the master data and parameters of all work modules are managed easily and conveniently.


    Demand planning is designed to optimally process all relevant framework conditions with the highest possible flexibility.


    With multi-skill planning, YAMMU ensures that end customers receive the best possible service, regardless of channel. This service for optimal, skill-based accessibility is made possible by omnichannel planning.

High employee motivation and satisfaction are a key success factor in the contact center

YAMMU supports flexible shift swap procedures, taking into account skills and predetermined work schedules, to accommodate employee requests and individual preferences in scheduling.


    Employees can use the web-based portal to specify desired working hours, call up shift schedules, submit vacation requests.


    In Forecast, the layers are distributed in the best possible way according to the volumes and required activities, channels, topics.


    Furthermore, YAMMU offers the possibility to record working and break times (clocking dashboard).

Particularly in the contact center, very detailed reporting is indispensable

YAMMU requires extensive data for operational use and also produces new information on a self-running basis. All this raw data is stored in the YAMMU database.

  • Yammu Dashboard


    Expected surpluses and shortages during the course of the day are displayed directly. A display on a weekly basis additionally enables the targeted optimization of shift schedules for future days.

  • Yammu Integration


    Alternatively, HR master data can be imported from all common HR systems and supplemented with information relevant to planning.

  • Yammu Installation


    Whether cloud, private cloud or on premise: Easy connection and control of additional outsourcing partners.

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