Pharma and Medical devices

Business Case

A multichannel ecosystem

A project for the world leader in the retail sector of hearing care, with around 12% of the global market, and a network of over 9,300 points of sale in 25 countries over 5 continents.

Pharma and Medical devices


Our client needed to initiate a digital transformation path to gather, streamline and manage data and information from its different services and tools, with the aim to develop a strong competitive position.

What we delivered

We meet our client's technological needs by providing an innovative and robust Multichannel Ecosystem. From the App to manage the user identity of customers to the design and development of a cutting-edge worldwide Cloud architecture, based on microservices and serverless components, able to guarantee high performance, greater flexibility, high maintenance and strong reusability. This Ecosystem Platform released in EMEA, USA, and APAC, collects data on users, customer app usage, and hearing devices. Thanks to our expertise and deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), our client’s preferred cloud provider, we emerged as a key partner to create and manage that type of integrated global architecture.

At the same time, we provided an Ecosystem Control Centre for the audio prosthesis stores to monitor customers’ KPI, give audio video support, remotely fit the hearing aid, match the smartphone with the product, and give the business the control to configure applications in a custom way. This platform is active in The Netherlands, USA, Italy, France, and Germany.

Guided by a data-oriented approach, this multichannel ecosystem, in conjunction with the establishment of a DesignOps project management pipeline, facilitated the management of maintenance costs while ensuring a stringent safety standard in accordance with current legislative regulations. Additionally, it enabled the delivery of high-quality experiences tailored to the real needs of end customers.

A winning experience

  • Clients managed

  • Digital identities managed

  • Prosthetists adopted our solution

  • Earing aids managed

  • Daily managed events


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