Financial services and Insurance

Business Case

Customer operations AI sales and fraud detection

A project for an Europe's PayTech company leader in payments solutions, operating in high‚Äźgrowth, attractive European markets and technologically advanced countries.

Financial Service and Insurance


Our client wanted to elevate the automation rate for consumers, ensuring both customer satisfaction and the security of the processes.

What we delivered

We delivered an extensive range of services aimed at enhancing business performance and customer satisfaction by introducing cutting-edge hyper-automation solutions. Our support extended to optimizing our client's IVR channel and closely monitoring the implemented strategies. To significantly increase the automation rate, we managed the most complex flows (i.e., service activation) by introducing our product Talk Active.

We initiated in-depth data analysis, forming the basis for strategic decisions. Building upon these insights, we constructed a robust business case, outlining our proposed solutions. Expert evaluations of the existing flow allowed us to identify optimization opportunities. Hands-on user tests provided valuable UX insights. For streamlined communication, we crafted comprehensive guidelines and call scripts. Our contribution involved designing a performance monitoring framework, enhancing reporting and insights in real time.

In summary, our approach combined data analysis, evaluation, testing, strategic documentation, and enhanced monitoring, fostering sustainable growth for our client.

A winning experience

  • Full time employees

  • Closed cases without human interaction

  • Managed automated email end-to-end


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