Automotive, Mobility and Transport

Business Case

Customer management automation of the Online Store

A project for the major French automobile manufacturer, subsidiary of one of the largest multinational automobile companies in the world.

Automotive, Mobility, and Transportation


Enhance the efficiency of the operational processes management, improve the performance of the customer service, and systematically optimise the customer experience of the Store online.

What we delivered

The initial scenario presented the complex management of document exchange among the customer requesting the car, the dealer supplying the vehicle, and the ministry for incentive provision. Our support was related to optimising all the back office processes, eliminating backlog in the email and telephone contacts, elevating performance and ensuring better customer journey. To achieve this, we analysed areas of improvement in the operational flow and integrated our tailored RPA solutions to the customer support.

We automated all the repetitive activities, such as the order entry process and document recognition, allowing operators to be free to concentrate on the communication with the customer, to get support in the presence of issues and recover precious time in the consumer relationship. Furthermore, our Robotic Process Automation platform presented a dashboard interface to better manage the entire customer’s purchase process from a back-office perspective. Our dedicated RPA team daily monitored the performance to ensure high quality support and to guarantee the efficiency, constancy and stability of the systems.

A winning experience

  • Cars sold in six months

  • customer requests (phone and email) handled

  • Eco incentive practices closed

  • Managed registration request per month


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