CX Design

Take a competitive advantage with a user-centric approach.

We offer a comprehensive range of design services, encompassing product and brand positioning, business design, and design execution.

We focus on a user-centric approach and highly regard gathering insights and feedback from end-users to keep long-lasting business relevance. We create meaningful customer experience across each touchpoint: mobile, web, voice, messaging, AI and emerging technologies.

  • In our User Experience Lab, we employ cutting-edge methods to gain a deep understanding of user needs and preferences. By leveraging valuable user insights and data, we enhance customer relationships and refine the brand's service offerings. Our research work includes conducting focus groups, interviews, user tests, neuromarketing studies, customer feedback programs, and more. Through these rigorous research activities, we gather valuable insights to make effective design decisions and ensure that our solutions align with user expectations, resulting in improved user experiences and customer satisfaction.

  • We adopt a Service Design holistic approach to create and improve services to enhance the overall customer experience. Service Design starts with understanding the user needs, mapping out customer journeys, and designing service concepts, touchpoints, and communications. By combining elements of user experience, process design, and business strategy, we create seamless and customer-centric service experiences that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • We support the organisation in structuring their business model by analysing what represents value for the market and the processes through which this value must be generated, proposed, and distributed to all players, from customers to stakeholders. We deliver business models, target segmentation and behavioural analysis, market research and CRM strategies to ensure that the strategies and proposals are relevant to the market, profitable and measurable.

  • Our experience management approach begins with qualitative and quantitative insights to design impactful user experiences that improve user satisfaction and drive engagement. To achieve this, our cross-functional team of UX and UI designers utilizes research, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing to create interfaces that are visually relevant, intuitive, and effectively meet the users' goals and expectations. By integrating digital design, cognitive and social sciences, and advanced technologies, we deliver measurable impacts.

  • We adopt DesignOps, short for Design Operations, to streamline and optimize the operational aspects of design within organizations, in various areas: workflow management, resource allocation, tooling and technology, communication frameworks, and the development of shared design practices. By implementing DesignOps principles our clients improve the efficiency of design workflows, enhance cross-functional collaboration, and ultimately deliver better-designed products and experiences to their customers.

  • Our Agile Factory allows companies to quickly respond to customer demands, constantly adapting processes to their evolving needs, and seize potential business opportunities with agility, even reacting to market upheavals. To achieve these goals, we implement flexible procedures, using iterative sprint planning, continuously collecting feedback and validating results. We experiment, measure and test frequently, involving users in the development process. Our cross-functional teams boast expertise in various areas such as UX, Digital Architecture, Process design, DevOps, Adoption and Change Management, enabling us to successfully manage unexpected events through empirical and adaptive approaches.

  • Our brand and communication service focuses on crafting and enhancing the identity, messaging, and overall communication strategy of a brand. We develop a strong brand presence through visual design, content creation, social media management, and consistent messaging across various channels. By leveraging consumer insights, we create a unique and compelling brand storytelling, driving awareness, loyalty, and business growth.

  • We are proud to be long-standing partners of the global network UX alliance, enabling us to collaborate and exchange knowledge, research, and insights while leveraging the best international practices in UX and Design. With more than a decade of experience, we are the exclusive Italian company authorized to grant the internationally recognized UX-PM certificate. This certification validates proficiency in designing successful user experiences for digital and physical products and services. Individuals from various roles including project managers, product owners, solution architects, marketing professionals, business analysts, and design specialists can participate in our courses to apply UX methodologies to their projects as managers and operational staff.

Business cases

By combining digital Tech, GenAI, and human intelligence, we empower global brands across various industries to scale up customer intimacy.

  • Energy

    Omnichannel digitization

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    Customer management automation of the Online Store

  • Media and Entertainment

    DAZN: high-value Customer Service

  • Pharma and Medical devices

    Voice of the Customer at scale

  • Retail and eCommerce

    Global management of multi-brand campaigns

  • Retail and eCommerce

    Centralised and global marketing automation program

  • Travel and Leisure

    Business Process Outsourcing transformation program

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    The world’s first automotive store in the Metaverse

  • Energy

    A digital transformation performance-focused

  • Energy

    Schneider Electric: from product to ecosystem strategy for B2B2C

  • Financial services and Insurance

    Europ Assistance: our TalkActive for roadside assistance service

  • Financial services and Insurance

    Customer operations AI sales and fraud detection

  • Pharma and Medical devices

    A multichannel ecosystem

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    Thales GTS: Operating Control Centre redesign

  • Telco

    End-to-end services: digital solutions, user research, customer operations

Other services

As an end-to-end service provider, we support our clients during every phase of the Customer Life Cycle, improving customer connections and elevating business performance.

  • CX Consulting

    We help large companies develop digital processes that transform marketing, sales, and service performance.

  • CX Operations

    We provide scalable industry-leading performance in customer operations.

  • CX Technology

    We provide a wide range of digital, RPA and AI solutions, leveraging on best of breed technologies and enterprise platforms.

  • CX Advanced AI solutions

    For over 20 years, we have been an AI centre of excellence dedicated to keeping up the technological advancements to elevate customer experience providing hybrid services.

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