CX Technology

Our technology services to enhance customer intimacy.

We provide a wide range of digital, RPA and AI solutions, leveraging on best of breed technologies and enterprise platforms.

With over 250 software engineers, technology architects, RPA and AI experts, we design, develop and manage digital solutions and IT infrastructures. We use a wide range of development languages, frameworks, RPA platforms and AI solutions to provide meaningful customer interactions.

  • We provide tailored software engineering solutions for web and mobile platforms. With expertise in architecture, development, and integration, we design and deliver end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing technological environments and ensure high compatibility with market devices, always keeping an eye on security and accessibility. Operating in the cloud or through our physical data centre, our open-source software reduces total ownership costs and enhances operational efficiency. We develop content management systems (CMS) for digital platforms, empowering users to effortlessly manage and optimise their digital content. Leveraging the power of native app development, including technologies like Flutter, we create immersive and high-performance mobile applications for iOS and Android, handling every aspect of the process until the final delivery on the respective app stores.

  • We help clients to plan and orchestrate each step of the marketing automation processes: from CRM and contact strategy to the customer journey design and the campaign delivery. Combining marketing and advanced advertising technologies we enable valuable interactions across the most effective touchpoints of the customer journey, with a unique and integrated full funnel approach. Our marketing automation factory, based on Salesforce (a team of 200 Salesforce-certified experts), Adobe, and Oracle platforms, delivers multilingual and omnichannel campaigns across EMEA and worldwide.

  • Our end-to-end operations services range from workforce management, to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automations, chatbot and textbox design to vocal bot and hybrid conversational IVR design, powered by Large Language Models. We utilise best-in-class platforms that support multilingual and omnichannel communications, empowering agents to deliver exceptional service while reducing costs and optimising customer satisfaction.

  • Our system and network experts design cost-effective solutions that match varying business needs, leveraging our data centres and the leading Cloud service providers: AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our range of end-to-end services includes technology advisory, architectural design, hybrid cloud architectures, software developments, test and quality assurance, tech support, hosting and maintenance. Through leveraging customer data, our team of more than 200 Salesforce-certified experts can also identify key components that are essential to successful CRM strategies.

  • We can make the most of the potential of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services from the leading Cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP. We design scalable, reliable, and secure architectures using your reality's most suitable architectural patterns. These architectures are the backbones supporting automation services, backends for frontend applications, integration middlewares, data lakes, and different application workloads. We help our customers in adopting the cloud, designing and implementing the migration strategy that best suits the needs of the case, for example by applying lift and shift or replatforming techniques. In addition, we can configure cloud, multi cloud or hybrid cloud environments to get the best out of each solution, optimise costs and help with transitions.

Advanced proprietary solutions to boost productivity

  • Languagenius

    The multitasking AI solution to supercharge your Customer Service.

  • TalkActive

    Our conversational IVR platform automates voice calls providing human-like conversational experiences.

  • Botshelf

    All the GenAI-BOTs you need to hyperautomate your business.

  • Chattrix

    Our simple, scalable, and AI-supported cross-channel platform.

  • Nominow

    A Customer Data platform, the last link in your carefully constructed marketing, sales and service technology stack.

  • Yammu

    Our workforce management tool increases the productivity and efficiency of your contact centres.

Tech partners

Business cases

By combining digital Tech, GenAI, and human intelligence, we empower global brands across various industries to scale up customer intimacy.

  • Energy

    Omnichannel digitization

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    Customer management automation of the Online Store

  • Media and Entertainment

    DAZN: high-value Customer Service

  • Pharma and Medical devices

    Voice of the Customer at scale

  • Retail and eCommerce

    Centralised and global marketing automation program

  • Retail and eCommerce

    Global management of multi-brand campaigns

  • Travel and Leisure

    Business Process Outsourcing transformation program

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    The world’s first automotive store in the Metaverse

  • Energy

    A digital transformation performance-focused

  • Energy

    Schneider Electric: from product to ecosystem strategy for B2B2C

  • Financial services and Insurance

    Europ Assistance: our TalkActive for roadside assistance service

  • Financial services and Insurance

    Customer operations AI sales and fraud detection

  • Pharma and Medical devices

    A multichannel ecosystem

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    Thales GTS: Operating Control Centre redesign

  • Telco

    End-to-end services: digital solutions, user research, customer operations

Other services

As an end-to-end service provider, we support our clients during every phase of the Customer Life Cycle, improving customer connections and elevating business performance.

  • CX Consulting

    We help large companies develop digital processes that transform marketing, sales, and service performance.

  • CX Design

    We offer a comprehensive range of design services, encompassing product and brand positioning, business design, and design execution.

  • CX Operations

    We provide scalable industry-leading performance in customer operations.

  • CX Advanced AI solutions

    For over 20 years, we have been an AI centre of excellence dedicated to keeping up the technological advancements to elevate customer experience providing hybrid services.

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