CX Operations

Generative AI powered customer services for outstanding customer relationships.

We provide scalable industry-leading performance in customer operations.

With over 6,000 highly trained customer agents covering more than 15 languages, and a network of 25 contact centres in the EMEA region, inshore and nearshore, we offer large enterprises industry-leading customer operations performance. We adopt a hybrid approach that blends human and artificial intelligence to increase the quality and the service capacity of our operational services.

  • We design optimal customer service strategies that empower large brands to achieve international scalability while maintaining relevance and fostering strong customer connections. Our comprehensive range of offerings covers from optimising customer journeys and streamlining operational processes to setting up and analysing automation potential. When it comes to designing customer service outsourcing strategies, we assist global brands in establishing location strategies and embracing cultural differences.

  • Covering more than 15 languages across EMEA Region, we utilise best-in-class platforms that support multilingual and multichannel communication. With our multilingual hubs, you gain the ability to effectively cater to diverse regions and navigate their unique cultural nuances, all from a centralised location. With our focus on digital communication channels, you are able to interact with customers by web, mobile chat, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, social media and other instant messaging apps. This borderless approach guarantees unwavering quality, consistency, and dependability, while enabling you to scale up but maintaining a strong proximity to your valued customers.

  • Our hybrid approach in customer management services combines human and generative artificial intelligence for a better customer interaction. Chatbot, vocal bot, automatic translations, hybrid and fully automated conversational IVR solutions are powered by Large Language Model (LLM) to improve the quality of responses, delivering more personalised, efficient, and empathetic experiences.

  • We provide ready-to-use AI-based Bots and ready-to-train ML/DL Models that enable automation and hyper-automation in many activities of backend processes such as onboarding, enrollment, ticketing, call deflections and more. This can save up to 70% of the time of agents and improve customer-facing operations. The automation processes result in saving costs, eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, increasing operational efficiency, and the entire quality of the customer service.

  • We empower the work of agents with a Generative Knowledge Management System that ensures quick, integrated and reliable access to the information to answer customer inquiries and resolve issues promptly, for better customer experience. This indispensable tool allows agents to provide superior service, increasing efficiency and operational service capacity, in pre-sales (marketing, communication, lead generation), sales (cross selling and up selling) and post sales (customer care, customer retention, credit collection) processes.

  • We decline the entire sales process in the virtual world by transforming offline sales activities into digital advanced experiences, even leveraging opportunities of the Metaverse. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire spectrum of sales personnel management, including recruitment, selection, and training. We provide specialised e-sellers able to guide customers from the virtual discovery of the product or service to its configuration and purchase, always guaranteeing a human direct dialogue. Additionally, we monitor performance, not only in sales but throughout the entire customer journey in augmented reality. In particular, we successfully contributed to such disruptive kinds of immersive customer experience in the automotive market.

Advanced proprietary solutions

Our expertise in technology products enables us to develop and integrate bespoke digital infrastructures to provide meaningful customer experiences across all marketing channels, reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize workflow.

  • TalkActive

    Our conversational IVR platform automates voice calls providing human-like conversational experiences.

  • Chatterbox

    Our simple, scalable, and AI-supported cross-channel platform.

  • Dragoman

    Dragoman is a language detector and orchestrator tool that delivers real-time custom translations, powered by GenAI.

  • Botshelf

    All the GenAI-BOTs you need to hyperautomate your business.

  • Nominow

    A Customer Data platform, the last link in your carefully constructed marketing, sales and service technology stack.

  • Yammu

    Our workforce management tool increases the productivity and efficiency of your contact centres.

  • GenerativeAI solutions

    Future-proof your customer service with our cutting-edge Generative AI-based solutions. 

Contact centres

Our contact centres are located inshore and nearshore. To find out where click on the button.

Business cases

By combining digital Tech, GenAI, and human intelligence, we empower global brands across various industries to scale up customer intimacy.

  • Energy

    Omnichannel digitization

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    Customer management automation of the Online Store

  • Media and Entertainment

    DAZN: high-value Customer Service

  • Pharma and Medical devices

    Voice of the Customer at scale

  • Retail and eCommerce

    Global management of multi-brand campaigns

  • Retail and eCommerce

    Centralised and global marketing automation program

  • Travel and Leisure

    Business Process Outsourcing transformation program

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    The world’s first automotive store in the Metaverse

  • Energy

    A digital transformation performance-focused

  • Energy

    Schneider Electric: from product to ecosystem strategy for B2B2C

  • Financial services and Insurance

    Europ Assistance: our TalkActive for roadside assistance service

  • Financial services and Insurance

    Customer operations AI sales and fraud detection

  • Pharma and Medical devices

    A multichannel ecosystem

  • Automotive, Mobility and Transport

    Thales GTS: Operating Control Centre redesign

  • Telco

    End-to-end services: digital solutions, user research, customer operations

Other services

As an end-to-end service provider, we support our clients during every phase of the Customer Life Cycle, improving customer connections and elevating business performance.

  • CX Consulting

    We help large companies develop digital processes that transform marketing, sales, and service performance.

  • CX Design

    We offer a comprehensive range of design services, encompassing product and brand positioning, business design, and design execution.

  • CX Technology

    We provide a wide range of digital, RPA and AI solutions, leveraging on best of breed technologies and enterprise platforms.

  • CX Advanced AI solutions

    For over 20 years, we have been an AI centre of excellence dedicated to keeping up the technological advancements to elevate customer experience providing hybrid services.

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